Audio Technica ATS99

Hypercardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone

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A Premium Microphone Designed for Performance; The Forward Thinking ATS99 Offers Excellent Response and Enhanced Mids and Lows for a Modern Sound


The ATS99 offers excellent response for clear capture of low to high frequencies, allowing vocalists to sing confidently across a broader range. Based on feedback from a number of vocalists, Audio-Technica designed this handheld microphone with close attention to detail to offer even greater freedom of expression, both physically and vocally, thanks to its broad range and its comfortable, easy-to-hold grip. The ATS99 eliminates as many technical obstacles as possible, allowing vocalists to give their full performance with confidence.


- Enhanced Capture of Lower Frequencies at High Volumes
- Fast transient response with comfortable design
- Professional, dynamic handheld microphone ideal for live performances and various sound recording scenarios
- Built-in high-magnetic-force magnet and step-up transformer for enhanced capture of low-mid range sounds at high volume
- Extended frequency response for full-range reproduction of low to high frequencies
- Outstanding feedback resistance even under difficult monitoring conditions
- Hypercardioid construction minimises the capture of side noise, offering excellent performance in live music applications
- Internal shock mount structure for reduced handling noise
- Lightweight and easy to handle with a robust, fatigue-resistant machined aluminum body for increased durability

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