Casio presents new slim and compact digital pianos
Casio presents new slim and compact digital pianos

Casio’s new and most stylish models; PX-S1000 and PX-S3000, are the latest descendants in the popular Privia series, a highly compact digital piano with hammer action.


The PX-S1000 and PX-S3000 features depth that is as low as 232 millimeters, which gives players a feel of playing an actual piano. In addition, the multi-dimensional morphing AiR sound source ensures the authentic sound properties found in acoustic instruments.


This series also includes a Bluetooth audio reproduction, which gives players the extra option to use the piano as a Bluetooth loudspeaker. This ensures that players can play to their favorite music, and their favorite song. The speaker system is a 8 W + 8 W.


The PX-S1000 weighs 11.2 kg, and contains 18 different sounds, while the PX-S3000 weighs 11.4 kg, and contains 700 different sounds. Both models have a “Chordana Play for Piano” App-connection, and can be used as a MIDI controller.


For additional accessories, there is a CS-68 stand, which is most compatible for the piano, if it has a permanent spot to reside. Secondly, it has a SP-34 3-pedal unit, which can be also connected to the pianos. Lastly, the SC-800 piano transport bag has a backpack function for easy movement when players are on the move.

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