Soundcheck Test: PALMER Acoustic Pocket PREAMP - The Acoustic Ace

Soundcheck Test: PALMER Acoustic Pocket PREAMP - The Acoustic Ace

Soundcheck Test: PALMER Acoustic Pocket PREAMP - The Acoustic Ace

The Acoustic Pocket Preamp enhances acoustic guitar signals and is a mixer, feedback killer and DI-box in one case - a special tool for guitarists who do not want to leave their sound to chance, or rather to the mixer.


The preamp is suitable for all instruments with active or passive pickups. It can also be used for banjos, violins, cellos, basses and much more, making it a flexible all-rounder that's ready for anything. For above-average loud pickups, there is a pad switch, which lowers the signal of the pickup by 12 dB. The XLR connector eliminates the need for another DI-box as the Acoustic Pocket Amp connects directly to a mixer. a ground-lift switch is provided to eliminate unwanted ground loops. Thanks to the input limiter, input distortion is not an issue. The exact level can be fine-tuned using the gain control. Due to the sturdy housing, the preamp is absolutely roadworthy and catches some thrusts easily. The device is powered by a 9V power supply or a battery. The guitar signal can be split, for example, to lead it to the mixer and to an additional guitar amp. In addition, there is a jack that also loops through the unprocessed signal, which may be desirable for live recordings, for example. The insert socket can be used to easily insert compressors or other effects.


The three-band equalizer is specially tuned for acoustic instruments, which becomes clear in the center control, since here the processed frequency range between 150 Hz and 8 kHz can be moved, where the most common causes of potty piezo sound can be found. Feedbacks can be suppressed using the Notch switch, which works between 20 and 400 Hz. Since the selected frequency is lowered extremely narrowband, no influence on the overall sound is audible.


The DI signal can be tapped either in front of or behind the sound settings via a selector switch, which allows use as a pure DI-box. The mode switch has magnetic pickup presets, bass reduction for violins and cabinet noise reduction, as well as acoustic and contrabass settings for bass reproduction without a low-cut.


The Palmer Acoustic Pocket Preamp is something of a swiss knife for musicians with acoustic instruments, as it not only enhances the sound, but also has many useful on-board means such as feedback suppression, a DI output and an insert effect path. Due to the compact and robust design, the device is likely to find room on many pedalboards in the future.

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