Audio Technica AE5400

Cardioid Condenser Vocal Microphone

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Designed for the demanding musician, the Audio-Technica Artist Elite series AE-5400 brings studio grade sonic quality and performance to the stage. This large diaphragm condenser microphone features the same element found in the famed AT4050 studio microphone. Primarily designed for vocal capturing the wide, linear frequency response renders the microphone more than adequate to perform in a variety of applications. The cardioid polar pattern features a uniform frequency response and optimum rejection at the off-axis sections of the capsule. The result is excellent rejection of noise and feedback. The large diaphragm condenser element handles high Sound Pressure Levels (SPL) resulting in maximum protection against noise and distortion. The AE-5400 is the ideal choice for stage performances, speech and broadcast applications.

Recording Microphone Element
The AE-5400 features the same element found in the famed AT4050 studio recording microphone. The result is professional studio grade quality on stage.

Cardioid Polar Pattern
The cardioid polar pattern features a uniform response and excellent rejection of off-axis noise and feedback.

Wide Frequency Response
The wide, linear frequency response is more than capable to accurately reproduce vocals and instruments.

High Pass Filter
A high pass filter switch eliminates low frequency noise below 80Hz.

10dB Pad Switch
A 10dB Pad switch provides additional headroom when capturing excessively loud audio signals.

Internal Shock Mount System
The AE-5400 features an internal shock mount system that cradles the element and effectively reduces handling noise and damage caused by shock.

On/Off Switch
A power switch is featured providing added control.

Rugged Design
The rugged construction of the AE-5400 renders the microphone a reliable tool on the road or in the studio.
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