Beyerdynamic TG 534 Headworn Set

UHF Wireless Headset System
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The TG 534 Headworn Set is supplied with a TG 500B beltpack transmitter and a TG H34 neckworn microphone (condenser, super cardioid) and is the perfect choice for theatre productions.


With an operating range of up to 120 metres, the beyerdynamic TG 500 allows for substantially greater freedom than comparable systems. The switching bandwidth is up to 40 MHz, and when all four frequency bands are used, up to 72 channels (18 compatible frequencies per band) can be operated simultaneously, thus making the TG 500 system suitable even for larger installations.

At the heart of every beyerdynamic TG 500 set is an attractively designed receiver with a durable metal enclosure and a parametrised front panel. The combination of intuitive operating elements and a backlit LC display makes the menu navigation particularly user-friendly. The frequency response of the system ranges from 45 to 15 kilohertz. A balanced XLR output and a balanced jack are provided as analogue audio ports.

The diversity antenna operation guarantees optimum reception for all the receivers, ensuring that there are no unwanted interruptions in transmission even in challenging environments. Intermodulation-free transmission frequencies are also provided in preconfigured groups to ensure interference-free multi-channel operation. Frequencies can also be freely allocated. A scan function with automatic search provides assistance for system set-up. The integrated pilot tone function ensures interference-free transmission and gives a warning when the battery power is running low.

The individual receiver takes up a single height unit in the 19” installation; the rack assembly kit supplied allows two 9.5” devices to be installed in one rack.


  • intuitive , user friendly Menu structure
  • up to 40 MHz switching bandwidth
  • Infra-Red synchronization for relaying settings from receiver to transmitter
  • Backlit LC-Display
  • Status display (Battery, frequency, Name)
  • Scan Function
  • BNC- connector
  • detachable BNC- antennas
  • XLR and jack output (balanced)
  • Pilot tone function


The TG 500 belt pack transmitter impress in practical situations with it outstandingly pleasant touch and feel and the light weight (85 g). The TG 500B can be positioned easily and quickly using a belt pack transmitter clip. The transmission power can be switched between 10 mW and 50 mW. Settings are simple to configure on the receivers and are relayed to the transmitters both quickly and easily by means of infrared synchronization. The integrated pilot tone function ensures interference-free transmission and gives a warning when the battery power is running low. All transmitters are equipped with an LC display and a programmable mute button.

A battery life of ten hours guarantees uninterrupted operation, even during extended events. As an alternative to batteries, the transmitters can also be operated using standard NiMH batteries which can be charged using the optional WA-CD charging dock without the need to remove them from the devices.


  • outstandingly pleasant touch and feel and programmable power lock
  • Infra-Red synchronization for relaying settings from receiver to transmitter
  • 4-pin mini XLR connector (male) for microphones or instruments
  • LC-Display
  • 3-level Gain- Switch
  • Programmable Mute- Button
  • Battery charge level display
  • Battery life time approx. 10 hours with 2 x 1,5 V AA batteries
  • Up to 120 m working range
  • synchronization of receiver and transmitter below one second
  • Charging Contacts for WA-CD
  • Removable belt clips for horizontal & vertical mounting
  • Pilot tone function
  • incl. batteries and bag


Easy handling, high gain before feedback and a good fit – this perfectly sums up the characteristics of the TG H34 headset microphone with a supercardioid polar pattern. That is why it fits perfectly for theatres, stages, especially for musicians who act as vocalists.

But also beside the stage the TG H34 makes a good figure. It is suitable for every kind of presentation and application where hands free is needed. The flexible gooseneck allows and easy and fast positioning.

For wired operation at a phantom powering input, the optional CV 18 is necessary.


TG 534 Headworn Set contains:

  • TG 500SR (Single receiver)
  • Neck worn microphone TG H34
  • TG 500B (Belt pack transmitter)
  • 1 pair detachable antennas
  • Batteries
  • Power supply
  • Rack mount kit
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