Lakewood M-14

Grand Concert Body Acoustic Guitar

$2,880.00 incl. GST
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M14 sets the standard as the tonal balance and transparency. Cedar and mahogany combined harmonically, providing delightful warm tones. Handcrafted by a team of skilled and dedicated luthiers located in Giessen, Germany, Lakewood guitars are true artisan works that are not to be compared with mass-produced guitars.

The M14 we have will be slightly different from what Lakewood makes for Europe, with a narrower 44mm fingerboard width.

With all-solid tone woods and classic German workmanship at its best, this is no mass produced guitar churned out by the numbers, we wait about 10-12 weeks for each order so the quality is definitely top-notch.

Guitars are custom hand built and lead time is 4-5 months upon confirmation via 50% deposit.

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