Mackie SP260

2 x 6 Loudspeaker System Processor

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Premium Sound Quality
With high-end AKM AD/DA converters with 120 dB dynamic range, eight different filter types including Butterworth, Bessel and Linkwitz-Reilly and a sophisticated DSP engine and algorithms, you can count on superior sound quality each and every night.

Super Simple Setup
Choose from a range of pre-configured system setups to assign the correct inputs, name outputs and provide the starting crossover point for your system. Use all the available input and output processing to optimize your system for the venue. Once that’s done, you can easily save the setup in one of the 24 available presets.

Complete Optimization For All
Any size system can benefit from the powerful processing that the SP260 provides. A finely tuned PA can make a world of difference whether it is in a small bar or large venue. With a massive amount of delay, EQ, dynamics and crossover options, you can truly optimize every amplifier and speaker to their full potential for the best possible sound and since the SP260 is built with high-end AD/DA converters and analog circuitry, no sound quality is compromised.

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