Audio Technica ATW-3255

3000 Series Wireless in-ear monitor System

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Hybrid Digital In-Ear Monitor System

Stable digital RF performance with integrated ICs for unparallel digital signal processing for great audio quality with impressive stereo separation

Wide Band Coverage

A UHF tuning bandwidth of 138 MHz for maximum versatility

Great Interoperability

Share design elements with 3000 series UHF wireless system for easy integration and compatibility

Any Environment

Transmitter and receiver include OLED screens for optimal readout of key settings and alert under any lighting conditions

Wireless Manager Software

Offers networking monitoring and control via A-T’s Wireless Manager

Be Heard

Receiver equipped with efficient headphone amp and together with A-T’s professional ATH- E40 in-ear monitor headphones that feature a propriety dual phase push-pull drivers for clear, natural and accurate sound quality.

ATW-T3205 Transmitter

  • Both Stereo mode and Mono mode are available (3000 LINK)
  • Loop out for TX
  • Network connection with TX for monitoring and setting
  • Multi TX frequency setting: TX can deploy the Gr CH frequency to other TXs in same network
  • RF OFF from front panel and Power on with RF OFF
  • RF power output is set up to 100mW depend on region. General model is 50mW Max.
  • OLED Display
  • Auto lock function

ATW-R3250 Transmitter

  • Antenna Diversity
  • Selectable Audio output mode for Stereo, Mix, Dual Mono and Mono Balance (3000 LINK)
  • Compatible with Charger ATW-CHG3 and ATW-CHG3N
  • Audio setting such as EQ, Limiter, gain control and Balance
  • Audio level lock:
  • Cue Mode allows monitoring of different stage mixes and storing of up to 10 separate
  • channels on one bodypack
  • OLED Display
  • Auto lock function
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