OnStage DS7200B

Desktop Microphone Stand with Height Adjustment

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The On-Stage Stands DS7200B adjustable-height desk mic stand provides a simple, compact, and straightforward solution for desktop and short-height instrument miking situations. Using a sturdy weighted steel base, the DS7200B is made to stay put and resist tipping. Its removeble shaft gives you a 9"-13" height-adjustment range, and a die-cast steel clutch ensures that your microphone stays right where you place it. Compact enough to use in your home/project recording or podcast setup and sturdy enough for the stage, the On-Stage Stands DS7200B is one handy little mic stand!

Desk mic stands - not just for desks
The On-Stage Stands DS7200B adjustable-height desk mic stand doesn't want to be pinned down to a desk job! From guitar amps to kick drums, there are numerous uses that call for a microphone stand of diminutive stature. If you stop and think about it, you'll come up with dozens of uses for this handy little stand. If you record or perform, you need an On-Stage Stands DS7200B.


    • Adjustable from 9"-13"
    • Removable shaft
    • Round weighted 6" base
    • Die-cast steel clutch
    • Black Finish

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