Paiste 2002 Cymbal Pack (14H/16C/18C/20R)

Cymbal Pack with 2002 Sound-Edge Hi-Hats, Crash and Ride

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The venerable Paiste 2002 series is as much a part of rock and metal as amp stacks and sweat bands. The 2002 cymbal pack includes everything the touring drummer needs to take the stage in confidence: crashes that rise above a guitar-heavy mix, a ride that can be heard from the back row, and specially formulated hats to drive home the heaviest grooves. When you see the iconic red Paiste logo adorning your kit night after night, you'll play your best, knowing that every accent, every attack, is connecting with the hearts and imaginations of your audience thanks to the Paiste 2002 cymbal pack.

14" Sound Edge hi-hats have a defined attack, a rude wash, and waved architecture to prevent airlock.

16", 18" and 20" crashes have a focused attack and massive wash.

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