Solid State Logic X-Logic Alpha Channel

1U Rack-Mounted Analog Channel Strip with Microphone Preamp, 3-Band EQ and VHD Circuitry

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All great sounding recordings have to start somewhere...
With the classic combination of mic preamp, filter, EQ, dynamics, and A/D conversion, the Alpha Channel draws upon SSL’s sonic legacy to provide an affordable analogue channel strip designed to provide the perfect front end to your DAW.


The Alpha Channel packs in a sophisticated and versatile collection of features for its size and price; a high-quality mic pre with switched impedance for instrument or line sources, phantom power and phase invert. A VHD circuit for added analogue tone, an Insert for streamlined additional processing, a three band EQ design utilising the classic SSL channel strip EQ sound and with selectable Bell curve for the LF, a High Pass Filter with 40/80/120Hz cutoff frequency selection, a switched lite limiter to prevent digital clipping, a high quality Analogue to Digital audio converter, and an S/PDIF digital output.


Key Features

- Professional ultra-clean mic preamp with Hi Z impedance switch
- VHD (Variable Harmonic Drive) circuit for added analogue tone
- Front Panel Combi XLR mic/line/instrument input
- 1/4” jack instrument auto sensing with passive DI type impedance detection and level matching
- High Pass Filter with selectable 40Hz, 80Hz or 120Hz cutoff
- DC Sidechain Link outputs (RCA)
- Built-in professional quality Analogue to Digital conversion
- 1/4” analogue out and S/PDIF I/O
- Auto sample rate sensing and self-adjustment
- Three band SSL parametric EQ with mid-frequency Q control and dual LF curves
- Intelligent auto limiting that maximises recording headroom and avoids DAC clipping

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