Alesis Strike

Description Electronic Drum Kit with 110 Preset Kits and over 1600 Sounds
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Electronic Drums with Acoustic Look and Feel
The 5-piece Alesis Strike blends the convenience of electronic drums with the look and response of an acoustic kit. Real wood shells in authentic fusion sizes with responsive mesh heads provide a real-world drumming experience with extremely low noise — perfect for quiet stages, silent practice, or getting a clean drum recording with a human touch. The included Strike performance drum module comes loaded with 100 full kits to provide plenty of options for different styles of music. Strike's onboard sampler lets you sample sources directly and route them to a trigger, including your own acoustic drums and cymbals! This kit includes a chrome drum rack and snare stand for quick, consistent setups night after night.


Wood shells with mesh heads play like acoustic drums
Alesis went to great lengths to make its flagship Strike drums respond like an acoustic kit. Real wood shells in fusion sizes give the Strike drums authentic strike zones for a comfortable transition between acoustic and electronic drums. Tunable mesh heads provide just the right amount of bounce to respond to buzzes and double-strokes with accurate dynamics.


Multi-zone pads dish out dynamic performances
A ride with distinct edge/bow/bell sounds, a crash you can choke, and a snare that responds to rimshots and cross-sticks are just part of what you can look forward to in the Alesis Strike electronic kit. Each pad has adjustable sensitivity that you can tailor to your playing style.


Strike module includes 100 kits + onboard sampler
The Strike module comes with 100 complete drum kits and 1,760 multi-sampled instruments to keep your creativity flowing. The Strike module's 4.3" full-color backlit LCD screen is easy to navigate in any lighting condition. A full mixer section with levels for each drum and cymbal delivers a pre-mixed sound to your engineer or into your monitoring rig. And for practice that counts, a dedicated transport bar keeps playback and record functions right at your fingertips.


Alesis Strike 5-piece Electronic Drum Kit Features:

  • Designed to look and respond like an acoustic set
  • Holds its own with some of the industry's premier e-drum kits
  • Comes loaded with 100 complete drum kits and 1,760 sounds
  • Wood shells and tunable mesh heads respond like acoustic drums with low noise
  • "Hammered" cymbals have a controlled bounce and good stick response
  • Fusion drum sizes provide a comfortable transition between acoustic and electronic kits
  • Dual-zoned toms, snare, and cymbals and a 3-zoned ride yield dynamic performances
  • Includes a 14" snare, 8/10/12" toms, and a 14" kick
  • Includes a 14" crash, 16" ride, and 12" hi-hat
  • Strike drum module with 4.3" color LCD lets you edit drum sounds with ease
  • Mixer faders give you complete control of your mix into headphones or speakers
  • 8 direct outputs allow for studio-quality record editing
  • Strike Software Editor lets you import new drum sounds into the module over Mac/PC
  • Onboard sampler lets you capture organic sounds right from the module
  • MIDI and USB connections communicate with your virtual instruments and samplers
  • Includes a drum rack and double-braced snare stand for dependable setups
  • Included cables, drum key, and cable wraps get you up and drumming in no time
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