We have provided countless clients from many differing industries with a wide variety of professional audio, video and lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor venues of any size. Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing system, diagnose existing issues you’ve encountered, or even to set up one from scratch, we offer the right equipment, services and expertise to help you achieve your vision.

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Our Services

Whether as an all-in-one package or a selective choice, we provide the following services to walk you through your project from start to finish.

Consultation & Design

The core of every successful project. Our experienced and friendly engineers and consultants will walk you through and assess your project site, plan and quote only the best equipment based around your requirements, floor plans and aesthetics to achieve an effective solution that is sure to please you.

If you already have an existing solution installed at your venue and are looking for upgrades, we are happy to help too!


We have access to over 100 brands of professional audio, video and lighting products


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Maintenance Management

A successful project should not only sound and look good, but also last long. We firmly believe in after-sales service and will swiftly send down engineers to access, maintain, or troubleshoot equipement should the need arise.

Clients We Serve

Is your project on a larger scale? To us, size doesn't matter.

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