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Universal Audio 4-710d 4-Channel Mic Preamp

Universal Audio 4-710d 4-Channel Mic Preamp

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The Universal Audio 4-710d combines four 710 Twin-Finity mic pres into a single unit with A/D conversion and costs less than three original 710s combined! But that's not all. The preamps take a Class A FET preamp circuit and a completely separate Class A triode tube preamp and give you the ability to blend the two signals together to taste. While they were at it, Universal Audio also added a simple 1176-based compression section to each channel. Now it's even easier and more cost effective than ever to add a set of these fantastic hybrid preamps to your studio.

Four 710 Twin-Finity mic preamps with compression

Most sound engineers know about the Universal Audio 710 Twin-Finity mic preamp — an award-winning design that's standard equipment in top studios and live rigs worldwide. The UA 4-710d features four of these bad boys and comes in well under the price of four separate 710 units. Each channel also offers UA's newly designed 1176-style compression circuit. Not only do you get top-notch-sounding preamps, but you can dial in the exact amount of compression you need to make your sound source punch through the mix.

Phase-aligned "tone blending" of tube and solid-state

Each of the four mic preamp channels on the 4-710d allows for choosing between a 100% solid-state and 100% tube signal path, or any mix of the two that you desire, using a continuously variable control. Don't get stuck having to switch preamps every time you want a different sound, or worse yet, get stuck with only one sound to work with. Go from pristine to euphonic with Universal Audio's 4-710d blendable solid-state and tube signal paths.

Onboard A/D conversion with digital outputs

As if the Universal Audio 4-710d doesn't do enough for your studio, the eight analog inputs are also digitized via 24-bit A/D converters up to 192kHz. Digital output is available via dual ADAT "lightpipe" or AES/EBU DB-25 connectors, giving you effortless compatibility with most popular audio interfaces. What's more, you can even input up to four other analog mic preamps through the 4-710d to access its superior A/D conversion.

Universal Audio 4-710d 4-channel Microphone Preamplifier Features:

  • Phase-aligned "tone blending" of tube and solid-state
  • Newly designed 1176-style compression/soft-limiting circuit on each mic channel
  • Monolithic balanced output stage
  • Dual gain stages
  • Balanced send/return inserts
  • Discrete JFET DI with 2.2M ohm ultra-hi-Z impedance
  • 70dB+ of gain, +48-volt phantom power, pad (15dB), phase invert, and low-cut filter (75Hz)
  • Front-panel hi-Z input (switched from mic/line)
  • Rear-panel XLR mic input, XLR line input, and XLR line output
  • Digital output via dual ADAT optical or AES/EBU (DB-25)
  • 8 channels of high-quality 24-bit/192kHz A/D conversion
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