Tascam CD200SB

Professional CD player with SD/SDHC cards and USB support

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Direct access to 10 folders via 10 front-panel buttons

The biggest feature of CD-200SB is its solid-state player that offers operability akin to that of a traditional CD changer.
The number buttons allocated on the front panel offer direct access to 10 user-defined folders contained within SD/SDHC and USB media.
The CD dubbing function enables users to select an album and playback an audio file as like with a CD changer, after having set up their individual audio file folders similar to albums.
Due to the removal of the rotating mechanism, the solid-state media player is highly durable and does not require maintenance.
As such, users can use the CD-200SB to play BGM for hours on end every day without concern.


Includes a high-quality CD drive specialized for audio developed internally by TEAC

The solid-state player, in addition to the CD-player, include specifications and functions that meet the requirements for installed sound application.
The CD drive employs the audio CD drive that has been developed internally by TEAC and also includes a shock-proof function.
The CD-200SB plays data CDs as well as audio CDs, offering a high level of versatility and reliability.
The CD-200SB encompasses a new concept for professional CD players that demonstrates compatibility with both traditional CD media and solid state media, currently seeing rapid spread as the new generation of music media, while still being as easy to use as any familiar CD-changer.

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