Paiste PST 8 Universal Set (14H/16C/18C/20R)

Cymbal Pack with PST8 Reflector Medium Hi-Hats, Reflector Medium Crash and Reflector Medium Ride

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The bright, energetic Paiste PST8 Universal cymbal set will make you very happy, with loads of warmth, clarity, and definition. Providing you with a refined, deep-sounding set of 14" Reflector medium hi-hats, a clean, balanced 20" Reflector medium ride, and a lively, responsive 18" Reflector medium crash, this versatile set of PST8 cymbals yields a traditional tone that's suitable for a vast range of musical styles and applications. And if that weren't enough, this set also gives you a 16" crash for FREE! The Paiste PST8 Universal cymbal set makes a worthy companion to any of the kits in Sweetwater's massive inventory of drums.

Paiste meets the creative needs of drummers and percussionists with innovative cymbals, gongs, and bronze percussion instruments. Founded at the beginning of the 20th Century, Paiste lays claim to a number of cymbal firsts, including the first use of 8% bronze, the wavy-edged hi-hat bottom cymbal, the bell-less flat ride, unlathed hammered cymbals, color-coated cymbals, China cymbals with a downturned edge, and the invention of their Signature Bronze Alloy. World-class drummers such as Bill Bruford, Stewart Copeland, and Vinnie Colaiuta have long relied on Paiste cymbals to forge their signature sounds - and so can you!

Paiste PST8 Universal Cymbal Set Features at a Glance:
-CuSn8 bronze cymbal set with bright, deep, energetic tone
-Includes 14" Reflector medium hi-hats, 18" Reflector medium crash, 20" Reflector medium ride, and -FREE 16" crash
-Hi-hats produce a refined, deep-sounding, controllable open sound with a defined, solid chick
-Crashes deliver a lively, full sound with responsive feel
-Ride provides a clean, musical sound with a balanced feel and clear ping
-Works well at any volume for a wide range of musical styles

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