Line 6 Relay G10T Transmitter

Wireless Transmitter for G10 Wireless System, THR-II Series Amps, Line 6 Spider V 60, 120, 240, and 240HC Amps

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A Plug-and-Play Guitar Wireless Transmitter
The G10T wireless transmitter is an integral part of the Relay G10 and Relay G10S guitar wireless systems—but it is also compatible with the built-in wireless receivers in Line 6 Spider V 60, 120, 240, and 240HC modeling guitar amplifiers. Simply unplug the G10T from the amp, plug it into your guitar or bass, and play—it’s that easy. The G10T transmitter has an internal rechargeable battery that provides up to eight hours of playing time, and to recharge it you simply plug it into a G10 Guitar Wireless Series receiver or your Spider V amp’s input jack. For convenient charging via USB, add the optional Relay G10T USB charging cable.


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