Deity Connect

Professional 2.4Ghz wireless system

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The BP-TX is made out of brushed aluminum to give it tough, durable build that will be able to withstand long shoots. The top of the unit features an SMA antenna connector, a 1/4″ 20 mounting point for the belt clip, and a locking 3.5mm standard microphone input. The high resolution OLED display offers a fast refresh rate so VU meters bounce in real time. The BP-TX is a bi-directional transciever system that has dipole internal horizontal antennas in addition to the dual SMA elbow antennaes for a dual setup across the 2 reciever modules.

The Transmitter RF power output is 100mw / 50mw / 25mw / 10mw/ or AUTO. When the BP-TX is set to AUTO RF Power, in order to prevent loss of signal, the Deity Connect’s DUO-RX transmits a pulse to the BP-TX (if the signal drops below the threshold), causing the BP-TX to increase its RF power output. The AUTO RF Power also helps sustain battery life this way.

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