AKG WMS470 Vocal Set D5

UHF Wireless Handheld Microphone System
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Powerful and Flexible Handheld Wireless System

Wireless Handheld System with Handheld Transmitter, Half-rackspace Receiver, 2 x Antennas, Auto Setup, and 2-color Display

When you perform with the AKG WMS 470 D5 handheld wireless system, you'll enjoy easy operation, dependable performance, and fantastic audio quality. Just push one button, and the WMS 470 will find all available frequencies for you to select from. And the WMS 470 is a great system for your other band members too, because the precise tuning lets you use up to 20 channels simultaneously in the same band. When you need a high-quality multi-channel wireless system, you can count on the AKG WMS 470 D5 handheld wireless system.


AKG WMS 470 D5 Handheld Wireless System at a Glance:

  • Reliable multi-channel performance
  • Conveniently rackmountable and adaptable
  • Long battery life

Reliable Multi-Channel Performance

Even if you need 20 wireless systems running simultaneously in the same frequency band, the AKG WMS 470 is up to the task. And even if you're not running a lot of wireless systems at the same time, the precise tuning means you're much less likely to get interference from other RF sources.


Conveniently Rackmountable And Adaptable

The compact SR 470 receiver that comes with the WMS 470 takes up a half rack space, and comes with a handy rackmount kit. Even better, it's compatible with AKG WMS 4500 antenna splitters, power supplies, and antennas, so the WMS 470 is perfect for expanding an existing wireless rig with.


Long Battery Life

The efficient D5 handheld transmitter that comes with the WMS 470 D5 handheld wireless system doesn't just sound amazing, it boasts an impressive 14 hours of battery life. If you need more than that for a single performance, you're working too hard.



      • UHF wireless system with rackmountable receiver and D5 handheld transmitter
      • Up to 14 hours of battery life from a single AA battery
      • Automatic frequency setup makes operation easy
      • Pilot tone prevents unexpected start-up noises
      • Supports up to 20 simultaneous wireless channels in the same frequency band
      • Band 7 (500MHz-530MHz)
      • Includes SR 470 receiver, HT 470 transmitter with D5 capsule, stand adapter, rackmount kit, test battery, power supply, and 1/4-wave antennas
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