Audio-Technica launches the new AT-UMX3 Livestreaming USB Audio Mixer

Audio-Technica launches the new AT-UMX3 Livestreaming USB Audio Mixer

— Audio-Technica, leading innovator in transducer technology for over 60 years, announces the launch of the AT-UMX3 livestreaming USB audio mixer—Audio-Technica’s first USB audio mixer for streaming and other applications.

The AT-UMX3 is a compact, feature-rich desktop audio mixer equipped with all the functions needed for livestreaming. Drawing upon Audio-Technica’s pro audio heritage, the mixer was designed and tested by top A-T engineers—the people behind innovative and award-winning microphones, such as the AT2020.

Even first-time users will find the plug-and-play AT-UMX3 easy to operate, with no need to think about equipment settings or install any special drivers. This all-in-one interface is equipped with one XLR / 1/4-inch microphone input, two LINE inputs for guitar and keyboard, and a headphone jack for monitoring.

The AT-UMX3’s loopback function allows users to mix mic and instrument audio with sound from their computer into a single stream—and be confident their audience will hear the same mix. When loopback is turned on, it is possible to play background music while streaming or to stream game sounds and voices at the same time.

The mixer is filled with easy-to-use features perfect for those new to livestreaming, including an easy-to-understand control panel, microphone mute function to quickly silence the microphone, and a microphone monitor mute function to mute the mic audio only in the mix sent to connected headphones. The mixer’s high-performance A/D converter provides resolution up to 24-bit/192 kHz, ensuring crystal-clear output for voice and instruments. Additionally, the AT-UMX3 features an advanced noise-resistant design to prevent the pickup of unwanted electronic noise from smartphones, Wi-Fi routers, and other sources.

The AT-UMX3 is equipped with professional audio features such as a Neutrik XLR/6.3 mm (1/4-inch) combo microphone jack (which is renowned for its world-class reliability), stable 48 V phantom power supply, a Hi-Z input jack for direct connection of an electric guitar, and a stereo input for a keyboard. The system is compatible not only with Windows and macOS, but also with iOS, iPadOS, and Android OS. Compatibility has also been verified with major livestreaming apps and online chat apps.

The AT-UMX3 provides plug-and-play connectivity to a computer or mobile device with no special driver installation required. The mixer comes with a USB cable (USB Type-C™/USB Type-A) and a USB conversion adapter (USB Type-A/USB Type-C™).

The AT-UMX3 livestreaming USB audio mixer is now available at SGD $199.

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