Audio Technica Launches The New AT2040USB Dynamic Microphone

Audio Technica Launches The New AT2040USB Dynamic Microphone

Taking cues from the renowned BP40 professional broadcast microphone, the new AT2040USB microphone features a dynamic design for excellent voice capture with added USB functionality. Combining the broadcast-quality performance of the AT2040 dynamic podcast microphone with plug-and-play USB functionality makes this the ideal microphone for podcasters, streamers, and other content creators to achieve professional results.

Ensuring a natural frequency response with rich, powerful lows and crystal-clear studio sound, this dynamic microphone also touts its quality with a highly directional, hypercardioid pick up pattern that helps eliminate common ambient noise, like the hum of a computer fan.

With a narrower pickup angle than a cardioid design, the AT2040USB provides focused vocal capture, which is ideal and super effective for creators and gamers who stream and chat with followers. Additionally, the microphone's robust metal body includes an integrated shock mount to minimize unwanted noise and vibration, while its internal pop filter protects against harsh spoken sounds.

The AT2040USB is equipped with a built-in headphone jack for real-time audio monitoring with no delay. It also features a quick muting function, with the silent touch-sensitive capacitive mute button to quickly and easily mute audio at the microphone. A two-state LED indicator ring displays a blue light when the mic is on and ready to capture audio and indicates red when it is muted.

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