HK Audio Introduces FINEO Series for Professional Fixed Installations

HK Audio Introduces FINEO Series for Professional Fixed Installations

FINEO is the new HK Audio product family for the daily business of professional fixed installations – with extensive accessories, easy integration and excellent sound quality. The broad product family consists of five passive Mid/High-units and five subwoofers, available in black and white as standard. Sophisticated and extensive accessories offer simple and safe solutions for all conceivable installation scenarios.

Together with installation professionals with many years of experience, HK Audio has developed the new FINEO series on the basis of these specifications and by incorporating many customer requests: Versatile, clever solutions “Made in St. Wendel” for professional installations in music clubs, theatres and karaoke bars, conference environments, houses of worship, event catering, community centres and auditoriums.

Especially for use in sports venues and multifunctional halls, all loudspeakers of the FINEO series are certified ball impact-proof to meet the strict requirements of the German standard for sports facilities (DIN 18032-3). Due to its high performance and high-class sound, FINEO is also ideally suited for immersive audio, multi-channel systems and Power Hi-Fi.

New formats, maximum flexibility
The FINEO loudspeaker series, rethought from the ground up, offers features and formats that are particularly important and in demand for modern installations. Like the coaxial 5”/1” compact speaker FO 5 and the flyable subwoofers FO S112 F and FO S118 F. The powerful, rotatable tweeters are familiar from the professional touring mid/high unit CONTOUR CX 8.

Easy integration and comprehensive documentation
A standardised VESA hole pattern is available as standard on the rear of all FINEO Mid/High-units. Inside the enclosure, this is supported by generous steel reinforcements. In addition to the new, sophisticated FINEO accessories, installation material from third-party suppliers can also be used, which greatly accelerates and facilitates integration into existing systems.

In Singapore, we offer DSP amplification solutions from Powersoft Italy, the world leader in advance DSP power amplification, to power the FINEO units. Simulation data in GLL format for EASE and EASE FOCUS 3 are also available, as well as detailed installation instructions, tender documents and many other details on all products.

Accessories – comprehensive, clever, robust and safe
The FINEO series offers the right accessories for the most diverse, even unusual, application scenarios. From finely adjustable U-brackets to 360° brackets, pan and tilt brackets to tripod mounts and L-brackets – there are hardly any limits to the ideas. And all this with maximum safety, perfectly tailored to the FINEO speakers. The VESA hole pattern on each top unit means that installation material from any third-party manufacturer can also be used.

Ball impact-proof
All FINEO speakers are ball impact-proof as standard. They thus meet the strict requirements of the German standard for sports facilities (DIN 18032-3). The enclosures are extremely robustly built. Massive protective grilles and additional steel reinforcements cope with even the greatest mechanical demands.

The new installation standard, HK Audio FINEO models are now available on order for your next venue, write in to us for a quotation!

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