New Masterworks Series from Alvarez

New Masterworks Series from Alvarez

The new Alvarez Masterworks brings you an expanded line-up of more Rosewood, brand new features, an even better fit and finish and an innovative new pick-up system. It may just be the best line of guitars from Alvarez! Masterworks series features all-solid wood that delivers the best-in-class in tonal benefits.

Refinement and craftsmanship across the range.

Masterworks 2024 offers 26 carefully designed, responsive guitars, each meticulously crafted to achieve a new level of sonic and aesthetic quality. Embracing East Indian Rosewood, the series now offers 10 Rosewood models including several new Grand Auditorium, Parlor and OM choices.

Top thickness, brace weight and tapering, back design and wood choice all count, and when each is considered as a part of the sum total of the instrument’s voice, great articulation and quality of tone is achieved.

The latest, state-of-the-art pick-ups from LR Baggs.

Introducing HiFi, a brand-new system from LR Baggs. HiFi is a premium, non-invasive design that pairs dual bridge plate sensors with high-fidelity electronics and a studio grade pre-amp for exceptional dynamics, definition and tonal reproduction of your guitar.

Remarkably hi-fidelity, the pick-up produces an open, transparent tone that delivers a 3D-like acoustic guitar experience. Easily more organic than most under-saddle piezo systems today!

Beauty is more than skin deep.

Masterworks ‘24 also sports a new level of fit and finish from further refinement in sanding and painting, resulting in sharper lines, a thinner yet more beautiful finish and a flawless clear coat. All contribute to producing a stunning new line-up which is even more rewarding to play.

Masterworks Guitars also delivers a powerful voicing, inspiring articulation and instant response. This is achieved through their FS6 bracing system, which helps generate more vibration, heightened by AAA soundboards and premium components throughout.

Masterworks 2024 is now available in store!

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