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Audio Technica ESW-R4180LK 8-channel Wireless Conference Receiver with AT Link

Audio Technica ESW-R4180LK 8-channel Wireless Conference Receiver with AT Link

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Important Notice:

Individual wireless transmitters and receivers can only be paired with their counterparts of the same brand, series and frequency bands. Let us know your desired frequency when enquiring for this item


1 Year Warranty

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  • Status can be checked anytime with LEDs
  • Brackets for a wide range of standards are included for mounting on ceilings and walls
  • Stand-mounting bracket (sold separately)* enables temporary operation in locations where it is difficult to mount to the wall or ceiling
  • Lightweight body for secure installation on ceilings
  • Power supply driven by a single Cat5e cable, capable of transmitting eight channels of incoming audio via Audio-Technica LINK
  • Daisy-chain connection simplifies installation even when multiple receivers are used
  • Mix-out channels can be used when there are not enough input channels for the destination
  • High-pass filter function on each channel
  • Wireless Manager allows users to check reception status, audio level, battery level, and other information for each LINK transmitter
  • Supports both factory and network reset

Audio-Technica LINK (*1) is a proprietary communication protocol developed by Audio-Technica. It leverages IP (Internet Protocol) technology for transmission of uncompressed multi-channel digital audio and for information control with minimal latency. One of the key advantages of Audio-Technica LINK is the ability to power Audio-Technica LINK endpoint devices, eliminating the need for a power cable or standard PoE switch.

The protocol allows the transmission of multi-channel digital audio signals from endpoint devices to be individually assigned to the input channels of Audio-Technica’s ATDM line of mixers. This flexibility enables efficient system audio routing and control.

One notable benefit of Audio-Technica LINK is a reduced number of audio cables required. By utilizing general-purpose LAN (Local Area Network) cables (*2), the protocol eliminates the need for multiple analog audio cables for multi-channel transmission. This significantly simplifies cable management and installation processes.

Another advantage of Audio-Technica LINK is its daisy-chaining capability. Multiple Audio-Technica LINK devices can be interconnected in a chain, making installation and setup even more convenient. This feature sets it apart from other IP technology-based communication protocols that typically require a star topology connection to an Ethernet (PoE) switch.

Audio-Technica LINK offers a variety of benefits, including uncompressed digital audio transmission, low latency, power for endpoint devices, reduced cable routing, and simplified installation through daisy-chaining. These features make Audio-Technica LINK a compelling communication protocol for professional audio applications.

*1 Audio-Technica LINK works only between Audio-Technica devices and cannot be used with general Network switches.

*2 LAN cables must be CAT 5e or higher and shielded with a conductor size of 24 AWG diameter or larger.

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