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HK Audio POLAR 10 Column Array PA System

HK Audio POLAR 10 Column Array PA System

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POLAR 10 delivers everything users expect from a column sound system. It even outperforms many 12″ systems in its price range. That makes POLAR 10 the right choice for singer/songwriters, solo entertainers, presenters and applications in schools and churches. The system comes with a padded transport bag for the column elements and a protective cover, also padded, for the system subwoofer.


High-quality speaker components deliver exceptionally transparent, natural sound from the deepest lows to the finest highs. This guarantees an XXL sound experience in every scenario – from discreet background music during dinner to the energetic climax of the event.

The 24-bit DSP in the POLAR 10 delivers a homogeneous and low-distortion sound experience across all frequency ranges. The combination of a 1″ CD horn, high-performance midrange drivers and a specially developed long-throw bass speaker in an acoustically perfectly dimensioned wooden cabinet is driven by a generous 2,000 watts of power amp output.


With its wide 120° throw pattern and low feedback tendency, POLAR is ideal for positioning on stage or in the room. In many cases, there’s no need for another stage monitor at all. POLAR can be set up without the lower column segment, making it easy to adjust the height from which sound is emitted, for example when used on a raised stage. The gradually declining volume level ensures sound pressure that packs a punch on the dance floor, a pleasantly full sound in the front rows and a conversation-friendly reduced volume at the back of the room.

When positioned on the floor, POLAR’s subwoofer, spacer and mid/high unit combine to create the ideal vertical orientation for both standing and seated audiences. When set up on a stage, it can be positioned at the ideal height without the need for the spacer.


The built-in multichannel mixer provides plenty of connections for a range of application scenarios: two channels for microphone or line signals and an Aux channel for pre-recorded music. POLAR 10 also has a special instrument channel (e.g. for an acoustic guitar).

All POLAR models receive audio streams wirelessly, with Bluetooth 5 providing greater range and a more reliable connection compared to previous Bluetooth versions.

POLAR 10 is equipped with a powerful DSP that adds straightforward and easy-to-use professional features to the systems:

  • Three sound modes (Music, Speech and DJ) and the semi-parametric Master EQ allow users to simply and effectively adjust the system sound. What’s more, five sound settings can be stored as user presets and recalled when needed.
  • When used for events in very large rooms or outdoors, POLAR can easily function as a delay speaker. Users simply set the distance from the main PA using the integrated display, and the DSP then automatically calculates the appropriate delay time.
  • The volume controls for the four channels, the master volume and the subwoofer are directly accessible in all operating situations. Less frequently used settings, such as the semi-parametric master EQ, can be changed via a rotary push-button control and the easy-to-read display.
  • The newly developed plug system connects the mid/high unit, spacer and subwoofer conveniently, securely and without wobbling. No cables required.
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