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Mackie DLZ Creator XS 6 Channel Digital Mixer

Mackie DLZ Creator XS 6 Channel Digital Mixer

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Excellent Audio for All

With the Mackie DLZ Creator XS, users of all skill levels can achieve exceptional audio recordings. Mackie designed this compact digital mixer as a space-saving alternative to its full-sized DLZ Creator. Offering the same high-quality audio in a small 6-channel chassis, the DLZ Creator XS has a 7-inch touchscreen and assignable rotary encoders for hands-on control of any parameter. Furthermore, there are three operating modes to choose from, so you can get show-stopping results regardless of your recording experience. The DLZ Creator XS also retains built-in professional audio processing, including 3-band EQs, compression, reverb, delay, and more. Opt for the Mackie DLZ Creator XS and make your content creation goals a reality.

Three operating modes

Mackie has made it easy to use the DLZ Creator XS. The company outfitted this digital mixer with three skill-based modes, with the touchscreen transforming accordingly for each:

  • Easy Mode: Perfect for beginners. Easy mode provides automated setup and processing, plus a task-based workflow so you can focus on results instead of settings.
  • Enhanced Mode: Provides greater control over the mix without overwhelming you with options. You get deeper processing, control over the effects, and an expanded channel setup.
  • Pro Mode: Optimized for experienced producers. Pro Mode gives you total control over every parameter, including EQ, processing, effects, and more. It also provides two independent headphone buses.

Your virtual mix assistant

This compact digital mixer comes with an innovative Mix Agent feature, which helps you create more engaging content with zero hassle. Mix Agent walks you through the setup process so all your sources come through loud and clear. And with the automatic gain staging, all you have to do is talk into the mic, and Mix Agent will set the perfect level of gain for you. Next, the AutoMix functionality manages the levels of two microphones, ensuring you and a guest are heard loud and clear — even when speaking at the same time. Plus, when an input isn’t receiving any signal, AutoMix minimizes the input to cut out unwanted noise. With Mix Agent, recording a podcast is convenient and hassle-free.

All-new features

Attaining exceptional results with the DLZ Creator XS is a walk in the park, thanks to all-new features and functionality. Mackie worked to make the mixer as accessible as possible, loading it with multiple languages, including English, Simplified Mandarin, Spanish, Japanese, and more. Next, the 7-inch touchscreen and assignable rotary encoders give you complete tactile control over EQ curves and other parameters. Next, the 6-pack of assignable pads lets you trigger samples and sound effects or engage functions from eight storage banks. This functionality gives you the ability to assign important controls such as censor, duck, and fade. Finally, the “locals only” function mutes the mic signals so you can chat off the record.

Compatible with dual PC setups

Today’s content creators and livestreamers frequently run setups with two or more computers. City Music is pleased to report that the DLZ Creator XS possesses the necessary compatibility for a dual-computer setup. This compact digital mixer comes with NDI (Network Device Interface), which enables it to send and receive audio with ultra-low latency. With NDI, you can connect the DLZ Creator XS to a second computer or multiple DLZ Creator XS units in separate locations.

Mackie DLZ Creator XS Digital Mixer Features:

  • Compact and capable digital mixer for podcasts, streaming, and content creation
  • 7-inch touch display and multifunction rotary encoders provide a tactile user experience
  • Includes a 3-band parametric EQ, highpass filtering, a noise gate, de-essing, compression, reverb, and delay
  • Easy mode offers automated setup, processing, and a task-based workflow
  • Enhanced mode gives you deeper processing controls and expanded channel options
  • Pro Mode gives you total control over the mixer’s operation and channel assignment
  • 6 assignable pads trigger sound effects or other functions
  • Mix Agent setup assistant quickly guides you through the setup process and automatically sets your mic gain
  • AutoMix manages the gain level for up to 2 microphones
  • NDI functionality effortlessly integrates with into dual PC setups
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