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Beyerdynamic M160 (2023) Hypercardioid Ribbon Microphone

Beyerdynamic M160 (2023) Hypercardioid Ribbon Microphone

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The multi-award-winning M 160 dynamic double-ribbon microphone is exceptional in its sound and manufacturing: intricate handmade craftsmanship meets unique technical features. Affectionately known as a “gem”, the M 160 has enriched hit after hit with a sound character that has very little tonal colouring. A precise bass response, warm mids and silkily elegant trebles merge together to form a very unique sound. Those who are familiar with this microphone will know: there is no alternative to the M 160.

The M 160 is ideal for miking electric guitar amps. This is due not only to its hypercardioid polar pattern, which is unique among ribbon microphones, but also to its special sound character. The M 160 delivers a warm but nevertheless natural sound. In addition, the M 160 easily masters the high sound pressures of a guitar amp and provides a signal that is perfect for processing.

Whether as overhead, for the hi-hat or as a room microphone, the M 160 is an excellent choice for miking a drumkit. In particular, sharp sounds such as cymbals are reproduced in a well-balanced way. In addition, the low mass of the two wafer-thin double-ribbons ensures high impulse fidelity. Sounds with a strong attack are precisely reproduced thanks to the microphone’s quick transient response.

The M 160 is an exceptionally versatile member of the ribbon microphone family. Its high-definition sound and wide frequency response of 40–18,000 Hz take effect when miking not only drums and amps, but also acoustic guitars, brass instruments and strings. In combination with a wind shield, the M 160 is a great choice for those who wish to give their voice a warm, vintage sound. Together with the dynamic double-ribbon M 130, which has a figure-eight polar pattern, the M 160 can also be used for M/S recording.

The M 160 is the only double-ribbon microphone with a hypercardioid polar pattern on the market. This polar pattern prioritises sound coming from the front, while most of the signals from the sides and some from the back are reduced. Rear attenuation is 25 dB at 110° and 250°. This ensures excellent channel separation. Thanks to this technical refinement, the warm sound of a ribbon can be used in completely new situations.

Thanks to its compact dimensions and low weight, the M 160 is impressively easy to position in any situation. It is also uniquely robust for a ribbon microphone. It is thus one of the few of its kind used on loud live stages, even though it has been established as a studio standard. This classic microphone now comes safely stored in a sturdy hard case.

The M 160 is the embodiment of top-quality craftsmanship. From the exact width of two hand-stamped pure aluminium ribbons, to placing them in the magnet gap with millimetre precision, through to testing the vibration behaviour. Manufacturing various components in-house, such as the microphone grille or the transformer, gives us permanent control over compliance with our high quality standards.
This is reflected in our choice of specialists. The production of an M 160 requires particular dexterity. In the end, all of this hard work becomes apparent in the microphone’s outstanding sound quality. Every microphone is a masterpiece thanks to exacting precision “Made in Germany”.

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