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Beyerdynamic M201 (2023) Hypercardioid Dynamic Instrument Microphone

Beyerdynamic M201 (2023) Hypercardioid Dynamic Instrument Microphone

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As part of the M series, the M 201 embodies natural sound reproduction like no other dynamic moving-coil microphone. It reproduces clear, detailed sound, which is why many people use it as an alternative to a condenser microphone while benefitting from the robustness of a dynamic sound transducer. This unique combination, combined with the high-quality craftsmanship typical of beyerdynamic, makes the M 201 one of a kind on the microphone scene.

The M 201 delivers a clear, detailed signal even at extremely high sound pressures. Preferably used with snare drums and electric guitar amps, this dynamic moving-coil microphone is also suitable for recording acoustic guitars and brass instruments – in the studio as well as live on stage.

The M 201 dynamic moving-coil microphone delivers an impressively natural, transparent sound across the entire frequency response of 40–18,000 Hz. It never puts its own stamp on the original signal, but instead captures it authentically. In addition, the superb basic sound leaves all options open for further processing. These features make the M 201 a must-have in every demanding microphone setup.

The M 201 has an unmistakable talent for recording speech recording and podcasts. This is where the dynamic moving-coil microphone’s excellent polar pattern proves advantageous, effectively muting interference. The largely linear frequency response with smooth treble boost ensures a balanced speech signal, while the optional wind shield will suppress plosives.

The M 201 features a hypercardioid polar pattern. This has a number of advantages. Priority is given to sound coming from the front, while most signals from the sides and some from the back are reduced. This ensures excellent channel separation. In addition, the M 201 is less prone to feedback, making it suitable for use in noisy surroundings.

Handmade in Germany since day one, the M 201 boasts the typically high-quality craftsmanship that has distinguished beyerdynamic for decades. Acoustically relevant components such as the diaphragm and microphone grille are not simply bought in, but intricately made in-house. This provides a unique quality standard that is reflected in the sound.

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