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Rode NTK Premium Valve Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

Rode NTK Premium Valve Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

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A Game-changing Mic for Your Studio

The Rode NTK large-diaphragm tube condenser mic can more than hold its own against yesteryear’s highly sought-after (and highly-priced) golden-age vintage microphones. The NTK uses an externally polarized capsule with a twin-triode 6922 tube that combines for a rich, naturally silky-smooth sonic character with a vintage touch — it's the best of the classic and modern sonic worlds! From capturing the organic tones of acoustic guitar and piano in vivid detail to adding a warm, emphatic appeal to lead vocals and voice-over narration, the NTK’s gentle presence boost makes everything sound good. Don’t be shy: the tone really opens up as you hit the capsule with more level! The NTK comes in tandem with a power supply, a 7-pin mic cable, an SM6 shockmount, and a handy carrying pouch.

Warm, detailed, low noise

That’s the studio mic trifecta! The NTK’s 1-inch capsule with accompanying gold-plated diaphragm is the first ingredient in this mic’s recipe for studio success. Its super sensitive transducer also houses a twin-triode 6922 tube that’s specifically assembled with Class “A” circuitry to cross the ears of the pickiest audiophiles with pro-grade quality. Consequentially, the effect on your tracks is a superb injection of warm and rich tube tone that excels across a substantial dynamic range. It operates with exceptionally low noise thanks to its high level of RF rejection. That means cleaner and more detailed tracking with a natural tone that will complement vocals and single-instrument recording sessions with a grace like no other can for the price.

Reinforced and ready for success

When you order your Rode NTK, you aren’t just getting one heck of a large diaphragm tube condenser microphone! Heat-treated steel reinforces the mic’s mesh head for ultra-tough durability built to last. Along with the mic, you’ll receive a dedicated power supply, a 7-pin microphone cable, and an SM6 shockmount to get up and running in your studio in no time. It all packs up in a convenient carrying pouch, so the NTK is ready to travel by your side wherever you need to record!

Rode NTK Large Diaphragm Tube Condenser Microphone Features:

  • Large, 1-inch gold-plated diaphragm

  • Sensitive transducer with twin-triode 6922 tube and Class "A” circuitry

  • Warm, rich, and detailed natural tone with tremendous dynamic range

  • Perfect choice for single instrument recording and vocals/narration

  • High level of RF rejection delivers studio-grade low-noise operation

  • High strength, heat-treated steel mesh head is ultra-durable

  • Included power supply, 7-pin mic cable, SM6 shockmount, and carrying pouch

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