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Sony MDR-MV1 Open Back Studio Monitor Headphones

Sony MDR-MV1 Open Back Studio Monitor Headphones

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Open back Studio Monitor Headphones for creating spatial and stereo sound with wide frequency range and soundstage feel. Neutral and high-resolution acoustic characteristics reproduce all sound elements exactly as they are, providing lightweight and excellent wearing comfort for creators during long studio work.

Studio monitor sound for mixing and mastering

Accurate reproduction of the spatial information of the sound source with carefully tuned open back acoustic structure to support mixing and mastering of both spatial and stereo sounds with High-Resolution Audio capability.

Uncoloured frequency response suitable for production, obtained through collaboration with creators (5 Hz – 80 kHz).

Excellent wearing comfort

Excellent wearing comfort for creators during long studio work and listening. Lightweight, soft and stable fitting provides superior comfort for extended working or listening sessions during the creation of music.

Stereo sound creation with High-Resolution Audio capability

By reproducing sound sources neutrally with High-Resolution Audio capability, each sound element can be monitored accurately. It assists the mixing and mastering stages by facilitating the capture of the feel of the venue and space, as well as the changes in sound details.

Carefully tuned open back acoustic structure

When playing spatial sound sources through headphones, the sound field is virtually reproduced by performing signal processing that considers HRTF (Head Related Transfer Function) for the spatial information of the sound source.

By adopting an open back acoustic structure that does not acoustically close the housing, the reflected sound inside the headphones is reduced, enabling more accurate sound field reproduction.

In addition, for optimal control of the airflow in front and back of the driver unit, the acoustic resistor is used over as large an area as possible to eliminate spatial resonance.

Realises natural and rich bass reproduction without colouring.

Specially developed HD driver units

Through multiple rounds of simulation and prototyping, we derived a low-distortion, high-compliance diaphragm shape and corrugation.

Achieves reproducibility in the low range, high range playback, and high sensitivity playback (5 Hz – 80 kHz).

In addition, the structure with ducts on the back realises sufficient volume and quick and tight low-range reproduction while maintaining the separation between the mid-range and low range.

Detachable cables for professional use

The cable plug uses a 6.3 mm stereo standard plug widely used in production scenes. By using the bundled plug adaptor, it is also possible to connect to devices with 3.5 mm stereo mini jacks. The connection part to the main unit is detachable with a screw system, allowing for secure connection and cable replacement.

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