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Yamaha PSR-SX600 61-Key Arranger Workstation Keyboard

Yamaha PSR-SX600 61-Key Arranger Workstation Keyboard

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Never before has an entry-level, professional arranger workstation been able to deliver high-end sound, content, and intuitiveness at such an affordable price. The PSR-SX600 is a great partner for musicians at any level.


A World of Sounds and Grooves
The PSR-SX600 helps you achieve pro-level, musical experiences by providing incredibly realistic instrument Voices that leave listeners in awe. Industry-leading accompaniment Styles let you lead an ensemble in a variety of musical genres from around the world, and Smart Chord functionality helps you achieve complex chord harmony intuitively by playing just a few keys. You can even connect a microphone (not included) and sing along with your performances while adding studio-quality digital effects.


Custom Performances Worth Sharing
Featuring assignable controllers such as Multi Pads and real-time control knobs, shape your sounds and performances to your satisfaction, then share your creations with the world using the free Rec'n'Share app.



Flexible Style control
The powerful Unison & Accent function gives you expressive flexibility of Style control. With the Unison function turned on, you can play a melody and have it reproduced simultaneously (i.e., the same melody is played by multiple instruments) or tutti (i.e., all parts are played at the same time) like passages in songs such as "Sir Duke" by Stevie Wonder, or "I Feel Good" by James Brown. With the Accent function turned on, accents are automatically generated by adding rhythmic "shots" to Style playback by striking the keys a little harder.


Professional level digital audio converter
The audio output of the PSR-SX600 has been completely overhauled with focus on delivering the highest quality sound from your keyboard. The new Digital Audio Converter (DAC) provides high quality defined sound across a wide frequency range, ensuring the PSR-SX600 always cuts through the mix.


Never miss a beat!
When playing Styles, easily jump to the beginning of the bar by pressing the [RESET/TAP TEMPO] button. A valuable feature for accompanying singers or performing music with varying time signatures.


Share your talents
Rec'n'Share allows you to record audio and video along with songs from your music library and then share your performances with the friends, family, and fans!



Authentic Instrument Voices
The PSR-SX600 has a comprehensive and sonically stunning set of authentic instrument Voices, and gives you the tools to play these Voices naturally and with intuitive expressiveness. Super Articulation Voices enable you to recreate the subtle nuances of non-keyboard instruments, such as body taps on a guitar or breath sounds with wind instruments, simply by playing naturally or using an assignable pedal.


Conduct your very own backing band
Accompaniment and rhythmic backing patterns (called "Styles") covering a wide range of musical genres, including pop, jazz, and many more, let you single-handedly recreate the sound of a full band or orchestra.


Shape your sound with professional effects
DSP (Digital Signal Processor) features built into the PSR-SX600 provide pro-level effects, such as Real Distortion and Reverb. You can apply the DSP effects independently to specific parts, such as your keyboard Voices, song parts or Style parts, giving you full production flexibility.


The world is at your fingertips
The PSR-SX600 features a palette of Voice and Style content from Brazil, China, and Africa. Let your music take you to new places!



Get more from accompaniment Styles
Create complex chord harmony with only a few fingers, so that players with any level of experience can achieve incredible sounding music using the on-board accompaniment Styles.


Customizable additions to your performances
The Multi Pads can be used to play a number of short, pre-recorded rhythmic and melodic sequences and loops, giving you the creative freedom you deserve.

Audio Link Multi Pad: Multi Pads not only work with MIDI data, but also allow you to create unique, new pad content with your own audio (WAV) data for playing back during your performance.


Versatile real-time controllers
The two LIVE CONTROL knobs can be assigned to various different functions, letting you intuitively control your performance in real-time. For example, you can use the knobs to control Resonance and Cutoff parameters, or other expressive effects on the fly!


Quick recall of your settings
Playlist is a convenient feature that helps you quickly setup your instrument to play your tunes. This makes it easy to manage and call up your songs and the related settings, no matter how large your repertoire.

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